Programme design and support for low income, complex or fragile contexts



Who are we?

Economics as if people and the planet really matter 

Making safe and courageous spaces for local people’s ideas, passion and resources to be valued and multiplied. Supporting them in enterprising action which develops themselves and their communities in a way that provides sustainable well being. A balanced economic, social and environmental approach. Economies serving people, not people serving economies.


Weconomics Limited is a values based and passionate social business that enhances Economic Justice through good practice and innovation. We support the development of economic, social (psychological and wellbeing) and environmental resilience in a way that is innovative, systematic and sustainable. We believe all people have the potential to be drivers of positive and sustainable change. We believe that when people work at what they love doing, have understanding and are connected with effective support services, networks and related local assets, they can sustainably grow their own income and that of their own local economy. We keep very low overheads, share learning and work interdependently with other values based organisations and governments internationally.