We design innovative approaches which work within these systematic frameworks to create obvious, meaningful and sustainable change. 

We work mainly in the Middle East (including Gaza Strip and West Bank and Jordan) Southern Africa, Latin America and the United Kingdom and list as clients Oxfam, USAID OTI, CARE, Hivos, CEFE, PALTRADE, Small Enterprise Centre, Cothrom Ltd, One East Midlands and SNaP Development.

Weconomics is dedicated to improving the wealth, equity and wellbeing of low income people in urban and rural settings - including fragile and complex contexts. 

Programme design and support for low income, complex or fragile contexts

We  support the development of sustainable, market-demand lead enterprise programmes, including sector driven market facilitation (enabling environment, value chain and business support services) urban Sustainable Communities and over-arching Local Economic Development approaches incorporating integrated delivery and advocacy activities.

     Chris Pienaar Owner

We combine economic literacy frameworks and tools with needs assessed action so as to ensure that local people understand and take control of driving their own household and community economies.

Weconomics Limited